Bijan Safavi

Economics consultant

Bijan Safavi
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Major: International Economics (main) – Econometrics (secondary)

Faculty Member of the Department of Economics, Islamic Azad University (South Tehran Branch)

I hold a PhD degree in Economics. My academic credentials are as followed: Major in the field of International Economics; Minor in the field of Econometrics (2005); Master’s degree in the field of Economics (1997) and a Bachelor degree in Economics in the field of Theoretical Economics (1994). I have been working for Azad University for more than 16 years. Since 2000, I have been teaching relevant subjects including International Finance, Econometrics, Mathematical Economics, and Principles of Economics. My experience and background revolved around the expansive field of economics. My experience, which I will explain below, includes, but it not limited to: teaching at the university level; consulting organizations, companies, and various institutions; publishing articles and books; managing conferences; and consulting.

I have had an effective teaching experience at various universities and training centers and educational institutes. I started teaching economical subjects at the Islamic Azad University when I was a Ph.D. student, and since I got my seat as a faculty member in Islamic Azad University South Tehran Branch and as a visiting professor for other universities across the country. I have been teachering these courses for approximately 17 years. I have a background in sustainable development which is an important aspect of economics. I studied an important issue in this area called “urban economy” where I co-authored a book titled urban economy and have been teaching this subject at the Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran. I have taught Economics and relevant courses from the Bachelor’s level to Ph.D level students at several universities including Islamic Azad University.

I also teach Economic courses in management fields such as urban management, international marketing management, and executive management from about 12 years ago at Masters level. Some other courses I’ve taught include, but are not limited to: Urban Economics; Business and Commerce, Fundamentals of Financial Management; Economics for Managers for Urban Management; International Monetary and Financial Organizations; Export and Import Management for International Marketing Management; and Basics of Economics. Additionally, I have supervised many graduate and doctoral dissertations and I have been selected as advisor and reviewer for many dissertations. In this regard, I have always led the students to the areas that were new and essential in economics and cross-sectorial areas.

I should mention my 15 years part time job experiences in research centers such as institute for trade studies and research; consultant and senior researcher of privatization organization; senior researcher of export promotion bank; membership in managerial board of large private companies such as Alvan-Sabet company; and representing the training courses for execution organizations such as methods of investment financing for managing; and programming organization of Iran. I started to do additional research because of my immense interest in scientific research and studies in the field of economics. For my research, I started from scratch and began the various stages of scientific research in an academic-scientific setting for the first time at the Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR) and moved step by step from research assistant to researcher, to associate in research projects, and ultimately to managing the research affairs. From this experience, I grasped an understanding of scientific research methodology, operational processes of a research job and project management.

Furthermore, I authored scientific articles in the fields of economics and trade and published them in academic journals, and presented a number of my papers at scientific conferences. There are several research topics where I have an expertise and where most of my research and publication is concentrated in these areas, which include, but are not limited to: industry and mine sectors; trade and business; economic growth; productivity; business orientation; financing; regional and provincial issues; and cross-sector related issues such as sustainable development. I participated at regional, national, and international conferences and presented my ideas and arguments at scientific meetings. An example of these articles is the article on multivariate techniques analysis and applications that was sent to the 2nd International Conference on Business and Information Technology - New Approaches, which was held on October 24th and 25th, 2008 at the “Spiru Haret” university in Romania, and it was published in conference proceedings. In this conference, Lambert Academic Publishing (LAP) publication which is based in Germany, noted the scientific content of my article, recognized its academic value and asked to publish a book derived from my studies, which resulted in a book with the same title.

Additionally, my studies and applied research, includes operational accomplishments and solutions for making a connection between scientific foundations and executive affairs in actual operational sectors of economic. An example of such scientific studies is the design and modeling of a software called “macro-economic variables prediction”, which was performed in cooperation with a research team in the Islamic Azad University and was approved in the Strategic Council of Scientific, Technical and Artistic Innovations Registration of Islamic Azad University in June 2011, and the paper of this scientific work, entitled “Codification investment strategy in different financial market conditions base on limit rationality theory and rational theory” has been published in the academic journal of International Research Journal of Finance & Economics; Jan 2012, issue 82, p186. Moreover, I have authored a number of books with educational aspects in the fields of industrial growth, productivity, international finance, and liberalization of energy prices. I have also performed, managed, and supervised a number of research projects which their results have been printed and published, and these books have been used in academic, research, and scientific centers by researchers, students and teachers.

During my studies and research, I have always applied scientific basics and theoretical principles at the frontiers of knowledge, and tried to establish the empirical models in a way that is consistent with my research fields. I have always sought to achieve accurate scientific results and practical policy recommendations and I have also provided guidelines at the end of my research. The combination of theoretical foundations and scientific lines with the objective functions of research fields, facilitates the achievement of functional and effective research outcomes. If implemented, it could lead to the elimination of bottlenecks in economy and, with the commercialization of knowledge, it could improve the research development incentives and ultimately provide the foundations for technical knowledge accumulation and production of theories and innovations. My work has impacted different sectors and solved relevant bottlenecks.

Scientific centers have invited me as a researcher, commentator and analyst specializing in economics. For example, the WSEAS team (I have presented and published articles in their international conferences) invited me to speak at the 2016 conference in Barcelona. Domestic scientific and technical centers have also invited me as a researcher, commentator and expert analyst of economic and trade issues and asked for my opinion and ordered papers and scientific analysis. For example, the Iranian Bank and Economic News Agency (IBENA) asked for my scientific contribution, and requested articles and specialized-analytical notes on technical issues of the Iranian economy.

Moreover, I was selected by the Journal of Research in Business, Economics and Management, an international scientific journal affiliated with the European Center for Research and Development UK, to review articles for them as a member of the peer review committee. I was selected based upon their familiarity with my work (they published two of my articles). The European Center for Research and Development UK has selected me as one of its members to facilitate the importance of scientific cooperation and utilization of scientific capacities and for the promotion and development of the magazine's level and the development of cooperation, and its confirmation is also available. I have expertise in holding scientific conferences. I have been a member of scientific journals and I have had the responsibility of managing panels and scientific meetings of conferences. In this sense, I can be useful for related companies and institutions. My experience also expands to reviewing and monitoring research initiatives and practical projects for institutions and organizations.

I have a proficient understanding of operational issues. Also, I have experience performing content planning and editing required syllabus for institutions, organizations, and companies. I have taught these discussions and courses in different years for various organizations, institutions and companies, among them are: modern methods of financing companies and enterprises; developing non-oil exports; structure and functioning of distribution network; and market regulation solutions. In my career, I have executed practical training courses for companies and economic organizations.

Domestic economic publications and press have interviewed me regarding the fields of economic and business. They have always used and published my scholarly opinions on economic issues in their media. For the past decade, business and economic enterprises of private sector, as well as enterprises in the real sector, have invited me to work with them (part-time) and they have used my expertise for the execution of, macro-management, planning, research and development, and consulting. The latest one being the membership in the Board of Directors of the Simorgh Private Company as the representative of Ayandeh Pouya Holding stocks affiliated with the Bank Melli Iran. In this regard, my expertise in the analysis of financial statements, the structure of the capital market and market making, planning and are among the indicators required by this section. Due to my experience, I can be a suitable and effective partner to companies and organizations that are involved in the task of organizing conferences.

My additional experience includes working part time researching, consulting, managing and analyzing business and economic issues for approximately 21 years. I have been the director of the Economics Institute at the Ministry of Economy for 2 years. At Alvan-Sabet Co, a manufacturer of dyestuffs and chemicals, which is the largest company in the industry in the Middle East, I have been a member of the board of directors (part time) for 5 years and the managing director for 2 years. A current goal of mine, in addition to mastering the English language, is to to develop my English knowledge to get a perfect score on the TOEFL and earn a similar score in IELTS and I am improving my fluency in English constantly. I have full control over E-views, Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS, QSB and other Microsoft Office programs and I can run many economic and business models with this software.

I believe that scientific knowledge and economic research can be utilized in ways that brings financial value for companies and institutions. Society can benefit from this because it creates a strong connection between universities, research centers, and social needs. I am fascinated by the theoretical principles of economics. My fascination has led me to an extensive career in teaching and furthering the understating and developments in economics. My expertise and background in the field have made me capable to provide institutions, organizations, and companies with valuable economic analysis. I am capable of providing economic analysis that encompasses theoretical and administrative solutions. My background has given me the ability to produce new ideas and practical solutions in the expansive field of economics. In all, my background made me an outstanding specialist, a unique teacher and trainer, an elite researcher, an efficient economist, a creative executive manager and a unique analyst in the scope of my fields and job experiences

I have included my resume which shows my experiences and qualifications. This experience includes, but is not limited to: Over twenty years of educational experience as a faculty member; Over twelve years research experience as a Senior Researcher and management director ; Over five years experiences in management of research institutes and relevant departments; Consulting, managing and executing more than 61 Projects; Author of 18 Books and 91 Scientific Articles; Authoring and presentation of 80 Papers and scientific analysis in conferences; and Advising, consulting and reviewing of more than 135 dissertations in Universities.

I believe that my extensive expertise and background in economics can contribute to an international company and developments in economics and trade. I am able to perform the analysis tasks and provide effective and operational solutions, especially in the fields of planning, market development, research, structural fundamental development and more. I have an advanced understanding of economics and the many specializations in the field. My knowledge and dedication to advancing the field of economics can be useful to companies, businesses, companies, or institutions. I am dedicated to furthering innovations and fostering growth and development of such companies including construction and renovation activities which is one of my favorities.

Over the years of my intellectual, scientific and executive work, sectors have objectively benefited from the results of my work, and the relevant economic and commercial domains have, in practice, used my policy recommendations and executive practices. I hope that the result of my theoretical, research, and executive knowledge will lead to the development of entrepreneurship and the creation of added value for the global economy.